Why we started Frame

Two years ago, my partner, Corey, and I had a lot of questions. COVID had officially hit pause on so many things, we were 7 months into our long awaited pregnancy and we couldn’t stop asking ourselves, what if… What if we would have known about so many things that challenged our fertility journey earlier? What if we shared more specifics about our medical history and family goals? What if we had understood the pieces of fertility treatment better? We had so many questions and we wanted better answers, for us and for others.

So we spent the next few years listening to other patients, learning from the clinical experts, testing different products, and growing as people and as a company. And we are thrilled and honored to bring it all together for you through our work at Frame Fertility.

What is our mission with Frame?

To put it simply: to inspire confidence today for peace of mind tomorrow. While we can’t help people avoid all of the surprises on their journey, we can at least give them the tools and the support to feel more confident and less alone.

That’s the feeling we want to evoke for you: confidence. You are not alone. Building a family is often one of life’s most important goals, and you deserve the absolute best.

Why Frame?

Personally, I’ve hesitated to share my story because I am one of the lucky ones. Corey and I went through our infertility ups and downs like many people. We stepped away from our careers to address our health and the mental load of it all. We spent thousands of dollars on treatment. I experienced significant waves of anxiety and depression. Our story is not all stories. But it’s a story, and it inspired the company we’ve built.

We went through it. We came out the other side. And we want to do our part to improve the experience for others. We researched the other companies in this space, we mined the research and we talked with the experts. We didn’t set out to start a company, but we couldn’t find a better answer to a simple question: how can I plan ahead for a family that I might want one day? We kept hearing: just try when you are ready.

But what if that person wants kids when they are 35+? Or their parents had significant challenges with reproduction? Or they’ve rarely ever had a period? Or they have acne? All of these things and more were true about me. And this was just me, not even factoring in my partner. Wasn’t just leaving it all to luck a little dangerous?

Turns out there is a better way, and that is what we are aiming to bring to you with Frame. We support anyone that may want children someday in understanding potential risk factors as well as their options early to avoid a crisis whenever possible. No matter who you are and where you are in your journey, we are here to help unpack your whole health to digest what factors matter now and what you can address later. We break it all down into easy steps so that you’re not overwhelmed, and you have a dedicated coach that is with you every step of the way. Frame combines science with a human touch to enable you to take action on the things that matter most whether that’s connecting with a provider, changing your diet or understanding your insurance and benefits coverage.

To put it more bluntly, let me say what we are not:

  • We are NOT just for women and/or heterosexual couples: We work with individuals and couples of all gender identities, sexual orientations, races and ethnicities, and we are acutely aware of the factors that may matter more for specific populations than others. (e.g., 63% of LGBTQ people planning families expect to use assisted reproductive technology, foster care, or adoption, Black women are 2-3x more likely to develop uterine fibroids)
  • We are NOT just for when you are trying to conceive: We can support you as you start down the path and/or are in treatment (I bet you have a lot of questions, just like I did!) We are specifically hoping that we meet you early, when you’re just curious or starting to plan, so that we have even more time to impact your outcomes. And that is what we are seeing (87% of our users are not actively trying, >2-3 years away from target next child date). But again, let me reitater, we will support you wherever you are. You deserve the best support.
  • We are NOT just for when you want your first child: In fact, the experience you had with prior pregnancies is a significant input into future pregnancies, and we know how to help you understand these implications. Also, given that secondary infertility represents about half of all infertility cases, we are there to support you with each step of the journey. 
  • We are NOT blaming anyone: To the contrary, we are (and want to) work together to support people. We work with OB/GYNs and other healthcare providers to offer Frame to their patients. We partner with employers to provide Frame as a benefit. We want to work together to get to the best outcome for you - the end consumer. 

What I hope we are is a breath of fresh air in the world of family building and fertility. What I continue to hear from care providers and clinical experts is that focusing on someone’s goals and health early is critical to their outcomes. But what we also all know to be true is that there isn’t time to do everything, so we are here to fill that gap by pairing you with a dedicated coach and providing you with easy to use tools 24/7 so that you never feel lost. 

Frame wants everyone to have the power to pursue the family that they want.

Thank you for joining the Frame family

Thank you for reading our story and joining us on the journey. We are honored to support you. 

If you have questions or feedback for me, you can always reach me at jess@framefertility.com and you can learn more about our services by checking out our website or booking a 10 minute call with one of our coaches. I know you will love them as much as I do. 

I look forward to meeting you soon.

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