How Frame Works

Frame takes stress out of the equation

  • Gives you clarity quickly

    No confusing results or long wait times. Our evidence-based evaluation zeroes in on what matters and provides you with an actionable roadmap to achieve your fertility goals.

  • Connects you to personalized, concierge support

    Get access to your care team between visits, via text, email, video or phone.

  • Simplifies the journey

    Find everything you need at each stage of the journey. From pre-pregnancy essentials to finding the best fertility clinic, Frame helps you every step along the way.

Frame is for me if...

I'm curious about what it takes to start a family
I'm planning for pregnancy soon
I'm struggling to conceive
I have PCOS and am wondering how it will affect my fertility
I'm seeking fertility treatment
I'm wondering when to bring my partner into the family-building process
I'm considering egg freezing
I'm LGBTQ and exploring my options
I'm single and still figuring out what I want
I'm worried about how my health impacts fertility
I have painful periods – should I be concerned?
I'm a man and want to understand what's important in my own fertility journey


How is Frame different from at-home hormone kits or what my doctor provides?

Frame goes beyond hormone testing by providing a comprehensive evaluation of the factors that impact your fertility and potential pregnancy, based on proven clinical research. Your hormones are just one piece of the puzzle, and Frame helps you understand what really matters and when, plus what you can do to improve the chances of achieving your family-building goals. Labs done via at-home testing are likely to be repeated later by your doctor, so we want to save you that additional $150+!

Your doctor plays a crucial role in this process and our care team can help you find the right in-person doctor or clinic when you need one. However, traditional healthcare is often reactive, and in-person visits may be too brief (<10-15 minutes) to really dig in. Evaluating all the family building factors usually happens too late, or may not even be offered until you've been trying to conceive for 6-12 months.

Instead, Frame helps you avoid that spin and empowers you with the right information before you are in the thick of it. Members continue to tell us that family building is a top goal for them, so we make sure you have the space, time, and comprehensive set of factors to get you there.

How can I pay for Frame (e.g., insurance, HSA/FSA)?

We’re working hard to get Frame covered by insurance. In the meantime, many of our members use their FSA/HSA to pay for Frame. We recommend checking with your FSA/HSA company/carrier for more information and details on how you can use these funds. If you need additional documentation, we’re happy to help get you the necessary paperwork.

Frame is also provided as a benefit by employers, health plans, and healthcare providers. If you’re joining Frame through these channels, you’ll receive an access token to use during the registration process. 

If you have any questions about payment, please reach out at

Is lab testing included?

In select states, we offer the ability to work with a medical provider who can order lab work as needed or desired. Please note that the cost of the lab work is not covered by Frame. However, we’ll work with you to find a lab that may be in-network with your insurance. You can also call the member services number on your insurance card to clarify your coverage details.

Other care or testing received outside of Frame (e.g., an in-person doctor) is also not included in our plans.

Who is part of my dedicated Frame Care Team?

Your care team is personalized to you based on your location and plan selection. In select states, a medical provider in included as part of your care team, which you’ll see as an option during the signup process. We're actively working to expand this option nationwide!

If a medical provider isn't available in your area, don't worry! Your Frame Care Team will always include an expert fertility coach who is selected for you based on your initial evaluation. Our coaches have undergone extensive training on Frame and our evidence-based methodology. They’re also board certified through an accredited training program and have experience in fertility and/or pregnancy care.

If you’ve selected our All-In Premium Support plan, you’ll also have one-on-one access to an expanded Frame Care Team, that includes nutritional and mental wellness experts, and care coordinators who are there to support you every step of the way.

Frame members love the hands-on support from their care team—it's one of our top benefits!

What will the initial Frame visit cover?

We work hard to ensure that every visit focuses on your questions and next steps. When you join Frame, you and your partner (if applicable) will complete a comprehensive evaluation based on clinical expertise and research. The evaluation will then be used to create a personalized plan that will be discussed in your first visit. We’ll focus on key results, including what you can (and cannot) control to zero in on what to do next. Our members often find this initial visit to be incredibly clarifying and anxiety-reducing.

Does Frame replace visits with my doctor?

No. Frame is a virtual service, and we know that some care will require in-person support. That’s why we have established relationships with in-person care providers, and we can refer you to doctors and specialists, including high-quality fertility clinics. Plus, we’ll help you prepare for these visits and offer support if you have any questions or need to take next steps.

How do I cancel my visit and / or membership?

Visit Cancellation

For any scheduled visit, excluding on-demand chat-based care interactions, you understand that your visit must be canceled no less than twenty-four (24) hours in advance or you will be responsible for a $50 late cancellation fee for the missed visit, unless your insurance prohibits us from billing you for missed visits. If your Frame membership is sponsored by your employer or health plan, this policy does not apply to you.

Membership Cancellation

Our plans are flexible and focused on your needs. If you need to cancel or change plans (including upgrading to additional support), please email us at

You can cancel your recurring monthly membership at any time. Once your cancellation request is processed, you will not be charged for any future recurring payments. However, please note that we do not refund any past payments that were made before the date you requested to cancel. If you choose to cancel your membership less than twenty-four (24) hours before a scheduled visit, you will still be charged the monthly fee.

Note: Your recurring membership will automatically renew on a monthly basis on the day of the month you purchased the membership.

What types of care and support can my Frame Care Team provide?

Frame is your go-to partner on your family-building journey. Your care team can support you in a variety of ways, so don’t hesitate to ask for support in the way you want it (live call, text, email, etc.). Your Frame experience starts by focusing on your personalized plan. From there, your care team will support  your next steps—from making lifestyle changes to facilitating follow-on testing (including semen analysis) to emotional and mental wellness support. Our Frame Care Team is often the first point of contact for our members, whether they're sharing exciting pregnancy news or seeking comfort during challenging times. We're here for you through it all!

In select states, Frame can also support your medical care, including helping with ordering/changing birth control, chronic condition management (e.g., PCOS, thyroid), etc. Once you register, these options will be available and can be discussed during your first visit.

How much does Frame cost?

The cost of Frame will depend on the plan you select and whether telehealth services are available in your state. We continue to hear from our members that finding medical care providers is challenging, so we’re actively working to expand this part of our offering as soon as possible.

Our specific prices are below and if you have any questions, you can always email us at

Frame Plans

Core Offering

  • Fertility Baseline Assessment: $99
  • Planning Bundle: $199
  • All-in Premium Support: $49 / month

Core Offering + Access to Medical Care + Lab Testing (available in select states)

  • Fertility Baseline Assessment: $179
  • Planning Bundle: $349
  • All-in Premium Support: $99 / month

Note: All-in Premium Support membership requires a 3-month commitment. Membership fees will be billed monthly.

Will the details I share be kept confidential?

Absolutely. We take your privacy very seriously, and our processes follow key healthcare guidelines (e.g., HIPAA). We'll never share your data without your consent or sell it to third-parties. You can see our full privacy policy here, and you can always reach out to us with questions.

What do you mean by unlimited messaging?

Based on your plan selection, you’ll have unlimited access to your Frame Care Team via email or text for a designated period of time. Feel free to reach out with any questions, and your care team will respond promptly and at least within 24 hours.

If you joined our All-in Premium Support membership, this support continues for as long as you are a member. Additionally, your access includes an expanded set of care team members as well as monthly live visits.

NOTE: Unlimited messaging is not for emergency care or services. If you’re experiencing a medical emergency, please dial 911 immediately, or go to the nearest emergency room.

Can my partner, donor, and/or gestational carrier use Frame, too?

Absolutely! We understand the importance of evaluating the source of the egg, uterus and sperm. Frame supports individuals, partners, and other plus-ones who may play a role in your family-building journey. And for those who are partnered, you can go through the process as a couple, or individually. 

We support people of all sexes, gender identities, and sexual orientations whether you’re single or in a partnership. If you’re planning for a family in the future, actively trying, or unsure of whether adding to your family is in the cards, we're here to give you the best possible chance of achieving your goals.

Can I gift a plan to a friend?

Of course! Email us at to purchase Frame as a gift.

Can I get a refund?

Refunds may be requested within 30 days of the transaction date. No refunds will be issued after the first visit is completed, after the termination of services, or at the end of a billing cycle. Any charges incurred due to the cancellation request made less than 48 hours before the next billing cycle are non-refundable. Refund requests must be submitted to, and will be subject to Frame team review. Any refunds will be processed via the original payment method.

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