Finding a provider or therapist who fits your needs

Ensuring that you have established providers who are able to support you in achieving optimal health is important, especially if you are considering building your family. Whether you are on birth control and have no plans to expand your family any time soon, or you are starting to plan for pregnancy, having a primary care provider (PCP) and OB/GYN will ensure you are addressing your health proactively and minimizing potential risk factors that can arise on the journey to achieving your goals. On this same note, it’s important to make sure you feel healthy mentally and that you have the resources, tools, and personalized support in place to optimize your mental wellbeing. For some, this may mean establishing a relationship with a therapist who you trust and who can support you on your journey.

Whether you already have a therapist or provider but are interested in exploring different options, or you don’t have an established relationship with a provider, at Frame we are here to help guide you through this process. This can be daunting and time consuming for some, so if this is the case for you, know that we are here to help make this easier for you. We want to encourage establishing these relationships proactively to ensure you have the support you need, so we provided you with step by step guides attached below that we hope will help you with this search.

Key takeaways to remember when it comes to finding a provider: 

  • Regular check-ins with an established provider such as a primary care provider and OB/GYN are key to maintaining and improving health over time 
  • Long term relationships with a primary care provider and OB/GYN can help lower medical costs in the long run as they help to keep you healthier and address issues proactively 
  • Pre-pregnancy check-ins are visits with a provider that focus on optimizing health, addressing any potential risk factors, and ultimately make sure that your body is ready for pregnancy. This is part of why having an established OB/GYN prior to pregnancy is important
  • Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being, and it is an equally important component of our overall health alongside physical health
  • Psychotherapy may be an important consideration for your overall well-being, as therapy has been shown to help people make positive changes in their lives

How can Frame help me with this process? 

Here at Frame, we understand that there are many moving parts when it comes to taking the steps needed to improve and maintain health on your family building journey. We want to make this journey as seamless as possible. Our Frame Coaches will uncover your needs in greater depth during your personalized Frame Coaching session. At this time, if you are in need of support for finding a therapist and/or provider, we can walk you through the steps in more detail, as needed. Who you turn to to receive additional support and optimize your health is a very personal decision, so we are here to help you uncover what is most important to you and guide you as you take these steps.

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How to find a provider
How to find a therapist